Modern Street House Concept in Urban Neighborhood

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Various kind of house living include a contemporary model of street house that exist in the middle of society. Some of people prefer to choose that kind of house model, because it provides something simple, but has unique model. The main building is like in usual neighborhood in the middle of town. There is outside spot too which designed for swimming pool, park, and also a terrace. The swimming pool also unique, where there is a water player which adhere on one side of pool. Even, the swimming pool is small and simple, it look good with those water player. There are exist two sundeck chairs on the side of swimming pool. Those spot connected to inside of house, where there are two separated rooms which lead to the swimming pool. One of it connected to the front side of house, and one of it connected to the living room and family room. This house designed into two floors. And the swimming pool itself is on top floor. Inside of house full of modern model of furniture and any kinds of modern interior.

Street House Architecture

The building of this house is concern to the inside of house, so there is no something different on front of house. The owner tends to make inside of house become more comfortable with any kinds of good furniture which completed by unique interiors too. Street house design usually built by people in the middle of modern neighborhood, especially in city area. Started from swimming pool spot on behind of house, where it also completed by park, and sundeck area. People also can enjoy outside condition from living room or family room which near those swimming pool spot. In line with swimming pool, there is a pathway which connect to the ladder and top front of house. The ladder accessed by people to go to ground floor. That pathway is semi outside, because there is a little building of gradual design on top of it. Almost most of important room is on top floor.

There are two rooms which can be living room. One of it in line with swimming pool and pathway, then the other is inside of house. On both rooms consist from a set of sofas, chairs, and table. The kitchen inside of house decorated with modern kitchen sets. Started from stove table, cabinets, cooking table, until the sink come from steel component, or aluminum. The design of each pathway inside of house consists from wood floor. The wall concept only designed with neutral wall painting, and sometimes added by wall painting art. The bathroom also very modern, where shower box made from steel frame and glass covered.

Street House Theme

The theme for this kind of house is suitable for people who love art. Because they can design anything in their house and related with their art result too. For example like painting art, then people can design wall concept with those kind of art. Besides that, the special side of every corner inside of home also attractive for some people. From ground floor, until top floor which there is swimming pool and park exist there. Unique street house can be designed as well with combine some materials too.

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