Great Minimalist Residence with Spacious Land and Building

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Located at an extensive land with wonderful views, there is a minimalist residence. The M&M House is constructed in a large size and minimalist concept which takes contemporary architecture. The greenery surrounding the house in Braganca Paulista, Brazil is complemented by a hill that offers sunrise in the morning and sunset in the afternoon. Looking at the exterior, it consists of one level with grass roof which gives more green view in this location.

Minimalist Residence: the Materials

Folding wooden doors are installed to protect the sliding doors which connect the minimalist residence design with the outdoor. The wooden use is the dominating material to deliver warm to the homeowners, such as the floors, ceilings, and furniture in some areas. The other materials are stones and marbles in neutral colors of grey and white to balance the brown accents from wood.

Minimalist Residence: the Interior

In the backyard, the giant infinity pool looks inviting to feel its fresh and clear water, while the spacious deck offers you a relaxation in the lounge area and enjoy the panoramic around the house. The architect wished to build a large and opened house that he did not install too many walls and covers which also create enough airy space to make the indoor keeps cool. The living spaces are designed in a mixture style of contemporary and traditional where we can find some modern sofas and traditional coffee tables.

The impressive forms come from several aspects in this house. It is not only from the interiors, but also the handmade furniture, like the huge marble fireplace in ultra-modern design and floor-to-ceiling modular bookshelf flank it. The house is indeed aimed to give a lot of pleasure and comfort to the homeowners with a package of amazing exterior and interior. The great minimalist residence design delivers a warm and comfortable living place in a remote area.

M M House Landscape Jacuzzi Spot Garden

Modern Glass Pendant Lamp Wooden Ceiling Decor

Modern Kitchen Countertop 3 Pendant Lamp Wooden Ceiling

Modular Bookshelf Wooden Stone Table Natural Living Room

Opened Living Room Space M M House Design

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