Futuristic Natural Home Design in Modern City

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People nowadays try to use natural home design for their own home, where they live in the middle of modern city. The era of modern it gives best opportunity for people to create any kinds of design, especially for their important investment which is home. The home design usually designed by people according to condition of environment, trend in life, and also combined with people’s desire. In this home design, a home tends to has beautiful view outside and also comfortable condition for inside of home. With large enough of land, people design it with unique model of roof, then added by garden on front which has many beautiful flowers and plants. The large of land influence how big that home which completed by good design that adopt natural condition as main background for home’s view.

Natural Home Design Beautiful Concept

The concept for that kind of home design is beautiful and unique. Beautiful because those home constructed with best view of natural home design outside of home. That view becomes one of background of a home. In the modern city, people combine modern model with such kind of natural condition around that land. With utilizing natural environment, people get a best panorama outside which becomes one of relaxing view for people who live in that area.

The unique thing from that home design is form of roof. The roof designed with unusual form like big long rectangle which placed with one of side lower rather than one other side. Then, in the middle of roof it met with other roof which has same concept too. It is like trapezoidal form, where each of side of roof has angle. Then, for inside of home, people prefer to design home with invite many lights to come inside of home. So, inside of home can more bright on day, then when night comes people can see around including the sky, of course because of glass window.

Natural Home Design Location

The meaning of location itself is place to realize design of that home. Most of people prefer to take place or land which has gradual position. The gradual position itself can give a good view and also unique design. Gradual home which become one of favorite model for people also can be realized in mountain structure which has gradual position on each slope. Natural home design architecture will become a good trend, because people nowadays tend to back to nature as their life style.

Modern House Natural Ideas

Modern House Design Balcon Marble Floar Natural

Modern House Design Balcon Marble Floar Natural Ideas

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