Home Design, Home Decor & Home Inspiration Thu, 08 Apr 2021 06:44:30 +0000 en-US hourly 1 httpss:// Sea Ranch House in Wine Country Fri, 28 May 2021 16:54:16 +0000 Sea Ranch is a private residence that located in center of wine country, Sonoma, California. The home was renovated several times. Last renovation was made by Marcus & Willers Architects in 2007. The home measures 3,300 square feet. Marcus & Willers Architects said about the renovation on their website “The primary objective of the renovation was to retain the original architectural character of the house while accommodating the needs of the new family. The renovation included a new two-car attached garage, a new main bedroom suite, the addition of a library and new bedroom above, replacing all windows, electrical and plumbing in the house, installing a radiant floor heating system, and finally replacing the vertical grain redwood siding and the exterior decks.”

Sea Ranch: Architectural Design Idea

Sea Ranch has sustainable design idea. 80 percent of Sea Ranch building material uses wood material. The home is composed by wood exterior and interior design. The home uses wood wall and hardwood flooring as well as the wood ceiling. The ceiling is designed with sloping ceiling design. The outdoor is designed very entertaining. It has blue pool, beautiful garden, and comfortable outdoor furniture such as wood chairs around the outdoor fire pit. The home entrance deck is filled by rocking chairs, coffee table, bench and chairs. The home uses square windows and square doors. The home is composed by a lot of furniture. The kitchen is dominated by wood kitchen appliance. It features wood kitchen island, wood kitchen island, and big kitchen cabinets. The home is equipped with banquette for family gathering.

Sea Ranch: Nice Place to Live

Sea Ranch is a family home that is very nice to live. The house is surrounded by warm atmosphere that makes the family comes closer.

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Contemporary Penthouse Apartment with Artistic Exterior Design Fri, 28 May 2021 16:28:27 +0000 In this modern time, there have been many people decide to choose the Penthouse Apartment then the ordinary house. It is caused by that kind of home living is a simple house design that is also equipped with the very nice and interesting architecture as well as interior design. Besides that, there are also many countries that have many penthouses in every city.

Penthouse Apartment; Exterior Design

In UK, there is also a very nice apartment that is located in the capital city of England that is London. In London, there is a very nice apartment that is equipped with the very interesting exterior design. It has an artistic exterior design. The exterior design of the house really displays the typical culture of London. Therefore, the exterior design of that apartment is very interesting because of that artistic exterior design. Inside that Penthouse Apartment London, there is also a very interesting interior design.

Of course, the interior design that has been applied in that penthouse apartment is a modern and luxurious interior design. There is one room in that penthouse that is very interesting. That is about the dining room of that penthouse. The dining room of that house is equipped with the existence of the modern furniture. There is square dining table set. That furniture set is also finished with the modern touch.

Penthouse Apartment; Dining Room

Around that dining room table, there are also eight chairs. Those chairs are very nice because they are also in the best color. The color that is used to that chairs is the black color. Nearby the dining room, there is also a very nice living room. The living room is also equipped with the nice lighting unit. Besides the lighting unit, that living room of that Penthouse Apartment London UK also has two sets of comfortable sofa and they are in the white color.

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Modern American Architecture Styles in Unique Design Fri, 28 May 2021 15:55:28 +0000 In this modern time, there have been many people design their modern home living with the best and with the most interesting look, including the American Architecture Styles. The American architecture is very interesting because it has a very unique design and it is also equipped with the very nice exterior and interior design. From the exterior design of the house, it looks very elegant and interesting because it is also equipped with the best look and outside look as well.

American Architecture Styles with the Absence of Green View

In Seattle Washington, there is a very nice and interesting residence that is finished with the best design. That is very nice residence that is also equipped with the best ideas. The unique ideas that have been applied in that American Architecture Styles Houses are including the natural light and privacy. It makes the house looks very elegant and interesting from both of the inside and outside.

From the outside of the house, there is also a very nice architecture. However, from the front area of the house, there is no the existence of green view. The front area is the house is full of concrete. In the inside of the house, there is also a modern interior design. The existence of the modern interior design of the house is applied to the each room of the house, including the kitchen.

American Architecture Styles with Modern Interior

The kitchen in that house is also equipped with the very interesting and intriguing design. It looks very nice and elegant because that is also equipped with the modern and high quality kitchen appliances and kitchen furnishings. They really make the atmosphere of the modern kitchen that is also equipped with the modern interior design looks a lot better and more interesting. It is not only that, the kitchen in that American Architectural Styles Homes is also finished with the best and the most interesting decorating ideas in the second floor.

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Stunning Moment and the Beauty of wonderful lodge Fri, 28 May 2021 14:08:36 +0000 There are so many sources of the wonderful lodge that can be visited in order to spend your holiday. The example of the wonderful lodge is the Ngorongoro Lodge that has the beautiful design with the wonderful approach of its decoration. It is having the dramatical design with the luxurious model that will provide the spectacular scene with the modern design. It has also the harmonious design with the absolute area that is having the incredible design with the exclusive approach that would make the wonderful design of the lodge right now.

Stunning View at wonderful lodge

Here I have some pictures that show about the wonderful lodge harmony in the Ngorongoro lodge. It has the wildlife area that is being placed in the area of the Conservation era that would make the luxury lodge all over the world right now. It has the absolute harmony design with the exclusive area. It is located in the area of Tanzania that has the enjoyable view with the stunning natural area right now.

Enjoying Time at wonderful lodge

The decoration of the wonderful lodge rests on the permanent home design that is having around 25000 animals that would make you to always enjoy on being there. This design has the three parts of the luxurious accommodation with so many variations of the suites that have the private design with the incredible service. You would also get the outdoor area of the dining area that would amuse you with the natural view that is so wonderful as well.

It has the African style of the decoration with the unique design that has the safari area on the surrounding places right now. This place of the Ngorongoro Lodge that is located in Tanzania will welcome you with the modern view and also the comfortable area that has the memorable view. This place offers so many possibilities on how you would be able to enjoy the idea design with the natural approach right now. Then, you should now visit wonderful lodge harmony design in order to enjoy your best holiday time.

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Relaxing Oceanfront Resort Spa with Sea View Fri, 28 May 2021 11:08:57 +0000 To have a relaxation is very important for people who are very busy and it is also a very good idea to have a relaxation in Oceanfront Resort Spa. To have a relaxation and also vacation in that kind of resort will be very useful. Actually, there are many resorts in this world that gives a sea view. However, there is one of the most interesting resorts in this world. That is the resort in Maldives.

Outside the Oceanfront Resort Spa

It has been well known that the resorts in Maldives have a very nice view. It is caused by those resorts are built in the on the ocean. It will be a delightful vacation and relaxation in that resort. Besides that, to have a vacation in that Beachfront Resort Spa will be able to relax the body. In one of the resorts in Maldives, there is a very nice concept. That resort is also equipped with the small swimming pool at the exterior design.

Besides that, the resort is also equipped with the green surroundings. That green surroundings of that resort is because of the coconut trees. That is very nice combination of the green concept and relaxing atmosphere of that resort. That is the exterior design of that resort. The attractive look and comfortable atmosphere is also found in the interior design of that resort.

Inside the Oceanfront Resort Spa

Inside the resort, there is a very nice lounge room. That lounge room is also equipped with the very comfortable sofa. That sofa is in the white color and it showcases elegance. Besides that, the bathroom of that resort also has a sea view. It is caused by that bathroom in that resort was built in the second floor of that resort. The walling unit was made from the glass material. That Blue Seas Beachfront Resort & Spa is very suitable for vacation and relaxation.

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Great Minimalist Residence with Spacious Land and Building Fri, 28 May 2021 09:59:07 +0000 Located at an extensive land with wonderful views, there is a minimalist residence. The M&M House is constructed in a large size and minimalist concept which takes contemporary architecture. The greenery surrounding the house in Braganca Paulista, Brazil is complemented by a hill that offers sunrise in the morning and sunset in the afternoon. Looking at the exterior, it consists of one level with grass roof which gives more green view in this location.

Minimalist Residence: the Materials

Folding wooden doors are installed to protect the sliding doors which connect the minimalist residence design with the outdoor. The wooden use is the dominating material to deliver warm to the homeowners, such as the floors, ceilings, and furniture in some areas. The other materials are stones and marbles in neutral colors of grey and white to balance the brown accents from wood.

Minimalist Residence: the Interior

In the backyard, the giant infinity pool looks inviting to feel its fresh and clear water, while the spacious deck offers you a relaxation in the lounge area and enjoy the panoramic around the house. The architect wished to build a large and opened house that he did not install too many walls and covers which also create enough airy space to make the indoor keeps cool. The living spaces are designed in a mixture style of contemporary and traditional where we can find some modern sofas and traditional coffee tables.

The impressive forms come from several aspects in this house. It is not only from the interiors, but also the handmade furniture, like the huge marble fireplace in ultra-modern design and floor-to-ceiling modular bookshelf flank it. The house is indeed aimed to give a lot of pleasure and comfort to the homeowners with a package of amazing exterior and interior. The great minimalist residence design delivers a warm and comfortable living place in a remote area.

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Great Family House Design in Spain Fri, 28 May 2021 07:03:28 +0000 I believe that every family deserve to have a great family house to live and if you want to create that kind of house, I think this stunning family house design cam be such a great example for you. This superb family home design idea has the entire requirement of how family house should like. It is cozy, spacious, and comfortable. This wonderful family house design idea may not one of the best family house designs in the world, but it can surely become perfect example for you who want to create perfect family home design for your family to live in.

Great Family House Design; Architectural Point of View

This great family house design spread a long 1000 SM, which is a very wide house, isn’t it? You can even see the beauty of this house from the outside of the house. This outstanding family home design is situated in Zaragoza, Spain. Most of the outer part materials are the combination of concrete, wood and glasses. This house is created by Spanish local designer and I think this is one of his masterpieces. I believe every part of this house can be such a great example of how family home design should be created.

Great Family House Design; Details

The floor plan of this superb family house design is wide, cozy and perfectly managing for family using and my most favorite space of this perfect family house design is the wooden deck that spread along the backyard. I think it can become a great place to spend afternoon enjoying tea and books. The interior design creation is so simple and that is also the thing that makes this house feel so spacious.

Just like I said, this house might not one of the best family house designs in the world, but I think with that kind of beauty, this house can be such a great example for you when you want to create a house for your family. Great family house design idea is surely something that you need if you want to create a great family house like this one.

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Modern Street House Concept in Urban Neighborhood Fri, 28 May 2021 05:59:50 +0000 Various kind of house living include a contemporary model of street house that exist in the middle of society. Some of people prefer to choose that kind of house model, because it provides something simple, but has unique model. The main building is like in usual neighborhood in the middle of town. There is outside spot too which designed for swimming pool, park, and also a terrace. The swimming pool also unique, where there is a water player which adhere on one side of pool. Even, the swimming pool is small and simple, it look good with those water player. There are exist two sundeck chairs on the side of swimming pool. Those spot connected to inside of house, where there are two separated rooms which lead to the swimming pool. One of it connected to the front side of house, and one of it connected to the living room and family room. This house designed into two floors. And the swimming pool itself is on top floor. Inside of house full of modern model of furniture and any kinds of modern interior.

Street House Architecture

The building of this house is concern to the inside of house, so there is no something different on front of house. The owner tends to make inside of house become more comfortable with any kinds of good furniture which completed by unique interiors too. Street house design usually built by people in the middle of modern neighborhood, especially in city area. Started from swimming pool spot on behind of house, where it also completed by park, and sundeck area. People also can enjoy outside condition from living room or family room which near those swimming pool spot. In line with swimming pool, there is a pathway which connect to the ladder and top front of house. The ladder accessed by people to go to ground floor. That pathway is semi outside, because there is a little building of gradual design on top of it. Almost most of important room is on top floor.

There are two rooms which can be living room. One of it in line with swimming pool and pathway, then the other is inside of house. On both rooms consist from a set of sofas, chairs, and table. The kitchen inside of house decorated with modern kitchen sets. Started from stove table, cabinets, cooking table, until the sink come from steel component, or aluminum. The design of each pathway inside of house consists from wood floor. The wall concept only designed with neutral wall painting, and sometimes added by wall painting art. The bathroom also very modern, where shower box made from steel frame and glass covered.

Street House Theme

The theme for this kind of house is suitable for people who love art. Because they can design anything in their house and related with their art result too. For example like painting art, then people can design wall concept with those kind of art. Besides that, the special side of every corner inside of home also attractive for some people. From ground floor, until top floor which there is swimming pool and park exist there. Unique street house can be designed as well with combine some materials too.

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Fabulous Interior of nature residence Fri, 28 May 2021 03:11:54 +0000 The design of the nature residence has the modern architecture planning with the stylish approach with the natural planning that would make the interesting decoration. This design of the nature residence is implemented in the Prime design with the wonderful architecture decoration. This design is being used in the dining room, bedroom, bathroom, living room, and also the terrace design. This design has the wonderful decoration which is implemented in Thailand.

Creative Architecture Planning of nature residence

Look at the design that I have nature residence landscape with the modern residence planning that would make the wonderful fence design that has been combined with the concept of the local building decoration. It is located in the area of Samutprakarn area of Thailand that has the suburb area. You may enjoy this design with the grid design with the partial privacy design that has the local building design.

Style of nature residence

This residential state design has the conventional linear design with the vertical planes model. You would get the best project of the residential estate which would make the best design with the wonderful decoration. The planning of the design is being inserted with the permitting ventilation that can make the shortage planning with the entire terrace design with the outdoor living space arena as well. The terrace design is being designed with the combination of the simultaneous planning with the best outdoor space that can make the wonderful planning to those who want to enjoy this natural area.

In the night, the view at the nature residence is so amazing. You will be amused with the best shadow image that is derived from the canvases fade that has the reflective shadow effect. This effect would make the enjoyable situation of this outdoor area with the lattice panels on how you would get the wonderful building application with the stylish approach of its decoration as well. Then, please go to enjoy the nature residence landscape idea during your holiday.

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Stunning Modern Penthouse Design Fri, 28 May 2021 01:46:39 +0000 For the upper class, of course, it is not difficult to choose the kind of house he wanted, luxury traditional house in the suburbs or apartment and even Modern Penthouse in the middle of the crowded city. Penthouse is not only ordinary apartment, because it is built with all the facilities and best quality materials.

Modern Penthouse Exterior Design

One of the penthouses that built magnificently is penthouse in downtown New York. By applying the concept of environmentally friendly, this Modern Penthouse Designs is built with glass covering the entire building. Transparent window lets you get direct sunlight during the day so as to save the use of electric lights. Not only that, though built in the crowded city center, this residential does not put aside green display that can supply oxygen, in addition to make it looks fresher. Some potted green plants deliberately placed outside the apartment with a wicker chair that you can use when you want to relax outside while enjoying a cup of coffee with your colleagues. More interestingly, the penthouse also features a private swimming pool with crystal clear water in the adjoining house.

Modern Penthouse Interior Design

Like most modern dwellings, this penthouse using the open plan concept in interior decorating. A comfortable sitting area with a couch and fireplace flows right into the dining room and kitchen so make the room seem more spacious. Wood floors and white walls became a very good setting for wood furniture that dominated. The dining room is designed with a rectangular table with six dining chairs upholstered in brown leather.

A mirror with a simple ornament placed on the dining room wall with a flower pot that gives the beauty to the room. Kitchen is designed with the concept of a kitchen island with three tall bar stools and kitchen sets from stainless steel which looks luxurious. Minimalist concept will also be found in the bedroom of Modern and Luxury Penthouse Designs, with only a white king-size bed, a sofa, chair, and cabinet next to the bed.

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