Fancy Neutral Home as the Safest Solution

Contemporary Kitchen Island Design In Black Wooden Decoration

Most of people intend to choose neutral home palette as the safest solution for permanent resident. This kind of style is used to be eternal means it never be too old or too extravaganza. There is a home in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA which brings this concept to be considered.

Colors in Neutral Home

Let’s take a look of some port folios of this neutral home design. The neutral home tone is primarily comes from the chosen palette which are earth color and solid palette. Soft brown color comes from light wooden material and terracotta palette which comes from brick detail are dominated the whole building. For enhancing natural ambience, there are some pine trees planting along the front yard. This home is not a kind of open space area but it still merger with environmental venue because of its eco-friendly material and natural palette.

The terrace is build with beach hotel concept where beach umbrella is matched with simple couch for enjoying the scenery. Going inside, rustic sensation will come perfectly by the use of dark wooden ceiling combine with white layout, dark wooden flooring, black leather seats, laminating wooden table, brick fireplace detail, and some abstract paintings in sand palette. However, there is sunken sofa with dark wooden seat’s frame and pink gradation cushion matched with a couple of industrial rattan chair in white color.

Neutral Home Lighting

Besides LED lighting’s are installed all over living room and dining area, transparent pendant lamp is hanging on white marble kitchen island with slim sink attached in this island spot. Minimalist bar stool with iron material is put dealing with the kitchen island, grand piano is located close to wooden staircase which taking people going to the bedroom at second floor. Rustic idea is still dominated the bedroom with marble bubble tile flat lighting to brighten neutral home tones design at the night.

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