Contemporary Penthouse Apartment with Artistic Exterior Design

Elegant Second Floor Design Glass Banister Corridor

In this modern time, there have been many people decide to choose the Penthouse Apartment then the ordinary house. It is caused by that kind of home living is a simple house design that is also equipped with the very nice and interesting architecture as well as interior design. Besides that, there are also many countries that have many penthouses in every city.

Penthouse Apartment; Exterior Design

In UK, there is also a very nice apartment that is located in the capital city of England that is London. In London, there is a very nice apartment that is equipped with the very interesting exterior design. It has an artistic exterior design. The exterior design of the house really displays the typical culture of London. Therefore, the exterior design of that apartment is very interesting because of that artistic exterior design. Inside that Penthouse Apartment London, there is also a very interesting interior design.

Of course, the interior design that has been applied in that penthouse apartment is a modern and luxurious interior design. There is one room in that penthouse that is very interesting. That is about the dining room of that penthouse. The dining room of that house is equipped with the existence of the modern furniture. There is square dining table set. That furniture set is also finished with the modern touch.

Penthouse Apartment; Dining Room

Around that dining room table, there are also eight chairs. Those chairs are very nice because they are also in the best color. The color that is used to that chairs is the black color. Nearby the dining room, there is also a very nice living room. The living room is also equipped with the nice lighting unit. Besides the lighting unit, that living room of that Penthouse Apartment London UK also has two sets of comfortable sofa and they are in the white color.

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