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Big Green Trees Wooden Material Lodge Exclusive Luxury Lodge

Stunning Moment and the Beauty of wonderful lodge

There are so many sources of the wonderful lodge that can be visited in order to spend your holiday. The example of the wonderful lodge is the Ngorongoro Lodge that has the beautiful design with the wonderful approach of its decoration. It is having the dramatical design with the luxurious model that will provide the spectacular scene with the modern design. It has also the harmonious design with the absolute…

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Hotel V Nesplein Authentic And Inspiring  Characterof Amsterdam

Superb Old-Age Hotel for Serenity Holiday

Amsterdam should be very interested to see with some old-Age hotel builds in there. You will never be bored to walk around at this place since it serves you with serenity feature and comfort fresh air. Old-Age Hotel Décor Here is the example of portfolios from hotel building in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The old-age hotel interior is dominated by white background at the first floor and brick wall details for the…

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Luxurious White Bed Brown Curtain Large Glass Window

Amazing Hotels Design with Glamour Sense

The house living nowadays which has purpose to spend people’s holiday is various, and one of it is hotels design that also has an attractive thing for people. Most of hotel’s part can be designed as well with combination of some decorations. Where facilitation inside and outside of hotels always attract people to stay in that place. Besides that, there is some furniture which also become one of part that…

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Concrete Pole Glossy Ceiling With Green Architect Glossy And Glamour Hotel

Elegant Approach of glamour hotel

One of the most wonderful designs of the glamour hotel has the decorative design which is located in the area of Singapore. The hotel is named Park Royal which has the wonderful decoration and also elegant approach. Many people are interested to see this modern design with the sky garden project that makes this hotel to become one of the most luxurious hotels that are having the enjoyable decoration all…

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Hard Floor Design Wooden Ceiling Glass Walls Modern Resort Design

Amazing Modern Resort Home with Combination of Nature Nuance

The various kind of modern resort home can be combined any kinds nuance and situation too. Not only in the middle of big city, but can be in the middle country side those kind of house living already made. People nowadays prefer to choose natural environment for around of their home. The nuance around of home has to be prepared as well, because it influences the nuance inside of home…

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Green Grass Black Railings Flat Roof Wooden Contemporary House Design

Light Wooden Contemporary Home Brings Light and Beautiful Appearance

In 2012, there was a big project of constructing a wooden contemporary home in Weinfelden, Switzerland. Its unique exterior of all wooden walls makes it as an eye-catching residence with minimalist architectural design. The cube and sharp edges become the strongest landscape which describes its strong structures. The wooden walls are collaborated with steel of the railings in the second and third floor to optimize the safety. The Dining and…

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Beautiful Trailer Park Hotel Blue Water Swimming Pool With Sunbed Along The Pool

Waterfront Trailer Park Hotel with Futuristic Concept

There is a modern home living that is very suitable to the traveler that is the Trailer Park Hotel which is located in South Africa. That hotel is built in the best location and it is also equipped with the natural view. The natural view of that resort is from the green surroundings and the waterfront of the hotel. That hotel looks gorgeous from the outside. Trailer Park Hotel; Swimming…

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Villa V First Floor Out Lay

Excellent Urban Villa Model for Alternative Villa Design

The model of villa can be designed with any kinds of concept, including urban villa model. The model of that villa usually located in the middle of country or quite environment. The construction of villa look like big cube on the top part, then the bottom also follows with square model. Then, most of villa’s part consists from glass window, where there is no such kind of hard wall which…

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Wide View From Wide Sliding Glass Door Design Living Room

Luxurious Brazilian Residence in Large Size

There are many modern home living in Brazil and they are also designed in the best design, like the Brazilian Residence that is located in Sao Paulo, Brazil. In that city, there is a very amazing and interesting residence and it was built in the best design. Besides that, the architectural design of that residence is very unquiet as well. Brazilian Residence; Elegant Exterior Design Just from the outside of…

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White Sink White Bathtub Wooden Window Frame With Sunshade

Relaxing Oceanfront Resort Spa with Sea View

To have a relaxation is very important for people who are very busy and it is also a very good idea to have a relaxation in Oceanfront Resort Spa. To have a relaxation and also vacation in that kind of resort will be very useful. Actually, there are many resorts in this world that gives a sea view. However, there is one of the most interesting resorts in this world….

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