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Beautiful Terrace With Modern Furniture Decor

Mesmerizing Contemporary Residence with Eclectic Touch

Looking at this Victorian house style at a glance, you will never expect to know that actually this is a contemporary residence. The house exterior design is preserving the actual images of Victorian house in Melbourne, Australia. But the house is fully renovated to meet the needs of modern life. When turning to this modern residence backyard you will be wowing by the facts that this house is really using…

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Cool Living Room Decoration

The Unique Design of Casa Cor by Nildo Moro and Rafael Simonazzi

There are some architects that try to show their ability to create unique designs for some rooms, homes, and some other property. When we talk about unique design of space you must check Casa Cor. What is it? It is interior design showcase in some cities in America. This place was designed by Nildo Moro and also Rafael Simonazzi. The design of this place is very unique because you can…

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Magnificent Efficient House With Concrete Material And Glass Window

Gorgeous Efficient Home Model for Modern Home Style

The one of home design nowadays is efficient home, where this home tends to friendly with natural environment. The natural environment become one of requirement in building this house, because of there is no such as more electrical energy for home. Especially for the lighting, people only utilize natural lights from outside which is sun light on the day. The construction of home itself also nice, because of some spaces…

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Office Pantry With Wooden Table And White Bar Chair Wall Refrigerator

Indoor Garden Design in Modern Style for Office Building

If you feel bored in your office, maybe the best way to make you become more productive is by looking at indoor garden in your office. Maybe you never think to make an indoor garden concept inside your office room, but now indoor room becomes the best thing to make the employee becomes relax and stay out from their stresses. You will never know until you see how beautiful the…

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Earthy Living Room With Long Chocolate Sofa And Rugs Area Also Fireplace Decor

Home Decoration Style with Attractive Design Ideas

Nowadays, many kinds of home decoration models which have special place in people’s heart. Setting of decorating in each home influence the atmosphere and sensation how the home will be. Some kinds of decoration suitable with the theme of that building, such as romantic, traditional, classic, modern, minimalist and etc. One of them that have special performance in the lifestyle of the people currently is modern decoration. This decoration style…

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Artistic Wooden Furniture For Modern Meeting Office

Astonishing Music Studio Office in Contemporary Design

What comes in your mind when you think about music studio? Should it be a place that is full of the musical things and decoration? Should it be messy and cluttered since there are so many things needed for the creative process? Should all of the decoration related to music? This Animal Music office will give you the different image of how studio can look like? It has a fabulous…

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Elegant Apartment Living Room With White Leather Sofa On Marble Flooring And Home Audio Visual Station

Best modern apartment with Elegant Approach

The elegant approach is seen in modern apartment with the modern decoration that has the clean decoration. It has the implementations of the large windows and also the natural light that would be great in order to make the perfect apartment series. It has the clean space with the natural lighting on how it can bring the warm design with the lovely studio model. Many people are now interested to…

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Artistic Kitchen Design Patterned Tile And Floor Glass Partition

The Cat Mountain Residence of Texas

If you are looking for homes or ideas of homes with a backyard view of the mountains, the Cat Mountain Residence is the perfect source of inspiration for you. It is however popular for more reasons than that. Previously a typical family home in Texas, the residence is now a state of the art perfection. Its interior design combines a rusty look in corners of the house with its choice…

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Two Storey House Design In San Diego Contemporary Housing Design

Live-Work Concept by Jonathan Segal Architect

When you come to San Diego, California, USA, you will see live-work complex with modern structure. This live work complex is designed by Jonathan Segal Architect. This live-work complex consists of 19 lofts and retail spaces. For all of you who are interested in knowing about this live work complex, you better check the detail information first about this place. Fact of Live Work Complex This live work complex house…

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Fabulous Bedroom Design Wooden Bed Table Wheat Motif Carpet Crystal Hanging Lamps

Fascinating Apartment Renovation Ideas

Everyone wants a change within them, both appearance, dress models, even the house, and if you want change in your apartment, the things you should certainly do is Apartment Renovation. When you’ve lived for years in a place, whether you are bored with the old decorations or want to change the function of the room in your apartment, you will need the idea to renovate it to make it as…

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