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Astounding Great Wine Country House Outdoor Lounge Orange Sofa Sundeck Canopy

Sea Ranch House in Wine Country

Sea Ranch is a private residence that located in center of wine country, Sonoma, California. The home was renovated several times. Last renovation was made by Marcus & Willers Architects in 2007. The home measures 3,300 square feet. Marcus & Willers Architects said about the renovation on their website “The primary objective of the renovation was to retain the original architectural character of the house while accommodating the needs of…

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Open Living Room Decor Sliding Glass Door Ideas

Amazing Modern Resort Home with Combination of Nature Nuance

The various kind of modern resort home can be combined any kinds nuance and situation too. Not only in the middle of big city, but can be in the middle country side those kind of house living already made. People nowadays prefer to choose natural environment for around of their home. The nuance around of home has to be prepared as well, because it influences the nuance inside of home…

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Meeting Space Wood Table Comfort Chair Garden View

Mild Decorative Architecture to Express Personal Style

A residence with decorative architecture must be attempting for many people. Decoration is commonly used to express personal style and to help the house delivering right impression to the guests. Instead of using extravaganza ones, simple and natural decoration might bring the better value since it also easily combine with any home’s style range from classic to modern site. Decorative Architecture Elements Take a look at some decorative elements which…

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Beautiful Pure White Sand White Beach Umbrella White And Red Sunbed

Relaxing Oceanfront Resort Spa with Sea View

To have a relaxation is very important for people who are very busy and it is also a very good idea to have a relaxation in Oceanfront Resort Spa. To have a relaxation and also vacation in that kind of resort will be very useful. Actually, there are many resorts in this world that gives a sea view. However, there is one of the most interesting resorts in this world….

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Great Blending Concrete Wall With Glass And Natural Stone By Daeyang Gallery And House

Picturesque Concrete House with Surging Wall

While wooden material and glass detail commonly used for building simple residence, another idea is concrete house. Concrete is durable material with strength texture which will fight for any seasonal activity. In Seoul, South Korea, there is Daeyang Gallery and House designed by Steven Holl Architects which combining concrete material with another usual house’s material for gaining complex image of house’s design. Concrete House Gallery Here is the picture list…

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Beautiful Wooden Dining Table White Chairs Lacquerred Wooden Floor Ideas

Exquisite Modern House Designs in Australia with Luxurious Design

There are many units of Modern House Designs in Australia, including the house that is located in Victoria, Australia. That house looks very interesting from the outside. At a glance tat house looks massive and it has a very nice exterior design. In the outside of the home living, there is a very interesting architecture and exterior decorating ideas. Modern House Designs in Australia; Exterior Design The application of the…

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Glass Surface Dining Table Dark Blue Chairs On White Carpet

Adorable Modern House on the Hill Design

Who says the Modern House on the Hill is impossible? With the development of modern home designs today you can find modern home anywhere, because people are no longer interested in the traditional style. Modern home will not only meet the basic needs of the home as a comfortable residential, but also give you easy with a variety of facilities and space efficiency. Furthermore, modern home design does not require…

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Magnificent Efficient House With Concrete Material And Glass Window

Gorgeous Efficient Home Model for Modern Home Style

The one of home design nowadays is efficient home, where this home tends to friendly with natural environment. The natural environment become one of requirement in building this house, because of there is no such as more electrical energy for home. Especially for the lighting, people only utilize natural lights from outside which is sun light on the day. The construction of home itself also nice, because of some spaces…

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Street Connecting Upper Floor Design Marble Floor Contemporary House Design

Modern Street House Concept in Urban Neighborhood

Various kind of house living include a contemporary model of street house that exist in the middle of society. Some of people prefer to choose that kind of house model, because it provides something simple, but has unique model. The main building is like in usual neighborhood in the middle of town. There is outside spot too which designed for swimming pool, park, and also a terrace. The swimming pool…

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Amazing Modern Rustic Residence Facade With Glass And Wood Combination Design

Exquisite Modern Rustic Residence; Glass and Wood Combination

In Alpine, there is a very interesting residence that has a unique concept that is the Modern Rustic Residence. That residence is very interesting because of its exterior design and the interior design that have been applied in that house. From the outside, that residence looks unique because it showcases the usage of the glass and the wooden material. Modern Rustic Residence; Combination in the Outside The combination of those…

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