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Waterfront House Design

Piampiano Residence: A Private Residence for a Perfect Escape

When talking about a perfect escape from daily life that is so full of things to do and hectic hours, it cannot be denied that a place like Piampiano Residence is a perfect choice to choose. This residence is actually a creation of Studio B Architect that is purposely built in Woody Creek, Colorado, USA which is well-known not only with its beautiful riverside view but also it calm and…

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Nice Trapezoidal House Surrounded With Garden In Natural Atmosphere

Unique Trapezoidal House Exterior Designs

Trapezoidal House is one of the ways on how you make anyone passing your house interested in for a closer look. In addition to the design and theme decoration, house shape itself is essentially could be an appeal in a home, especially if you are thinking to create something unusual. Home is not just a place to stay for you and your family, but more than that, an interesting design…

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White Ceiling DEsign With Unique Shape Hanging Lamps And Wooden Furniture

Fresh Summer House Design Comes with the Great Appearance

Modern house design is becoming the trend of the house that will make the design from the house looks more attractive. It is completed with the unique idea that will make anyone who sees the design from the house exterior idea looks more attracted. The Summer House Design is very suitable as the villa for the recreation season. It means that this house will be very suitable for spending the…

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Simple Living Room Design White Floor Black Features Red Ornaments

Pitsou Kedem Architects’ Town House in Israel

Pitsou Kedem Architects have successfully built a town house which takes place in Tel Aviv, Israel. This house is a typical modern and minimalist house which is designed sophisticatedly. This Tel Aviv town house employs different design and architecture which make this house look extraordinary and comfortable, even though it is located in a busy city in Israel. Tel Aviv town house is a two-level-house which employs neutral color scheme….

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House L Site Plane

Building a Spacious Home in a Large Area

Building a large home building in a large area so that the area is all gone for the building itself is something that common people usually do. If you have a large area to build a home, you better find information such as from the internet or you can consult your home project with the interior or exterior designer so that you have many choices of home idea. If not,…

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Contemporary House 2013 Wooden Plank Wall And Metal Roof Design

Striking Contemporary Residence with Smart Arrangements

Located near the railway, this contemporary residence is picturing how a house can be smartly arranged with using Eco-green label residence. As other contemporary house design this house is using flat roof and the touch of wooden plank interior walls. But the most interesting idea of this house is because the elevating house design which makes the house looks like a floating houseboat. This is because the soil is not…

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Transparent Glass Wall Garage WIth Swimming Pool Along House Edge

Natural Fresh House with Natural Green Scenery Surrounding

It is not a difficult thing to create a house living that has a natural and fresh impression such design of fresh house created by Whipple Russell Architects in a project of Laurel Way. A beautiful and Natural view surrounding a building becomes a special feature of this project. In this case Whipple Russell Architects chose green hill area that is used to build an elegant and luxurious residence that…

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Sportplaza Mercator Floor Plan Design

Stunning Modern Recreation Center Perfectly Attracts People Attraction

Located in Jan van Galenstraat in Amsterdam, Netherlands, this modern recreation center is nothing as it seems. From a far you might only going to see lush vegetation hill with ramps surrounding the area. But actually this is a community center which located in the heart of the park. It designs to attracting people from neighborhood which is combination of multicultural ethnic to gather around and do activities together. Looking…

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Small Forest House Design With Bright Interior Decor Beautiful Forest House Architecture

Intense Forest Resort as Chic Residence

Delight architecture which bring unique concept as forest resort qualities can be very interesting especially for holiday retreat. This place is also tempting as primary family residence. Here is the picture list of one resort located in Sweden designed in compact but somehow natural style. This forest resort architecture is surrounding by pine trees giving a high serenity for daily living. Natural stone is coming up as play ground since…

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Wonderufl Open Family Rrom Design With Brown Sofa Also Cool Terrace With Outdoor Patio Furniture And Warm Interior Lightings

Brown Accents Home Decoration to Create an Exclusive Living

Expecting to have an exclusive living, you should be creative in deciding accents combination for the home decoration, for this example is this brown accents home decoration applied by Bossley Architects, an Auckland-based architectural firm, for the project of contemporary home, Brown Vujcich House in Auckland, New Zealand. For some more ideas of creative home decor, here we present some photos. First, you will be surprised by the wall decor…

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