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Modern House Natural Ideas

Futuristic Natural Home Design in Modern City

People nowadays try to use natural home design for their own home, where they live in the middle of modern city. The era of modern it gives best opportunity for people to create any kinds of design, especially for their important investment which is home. The home design usually designed by people according to condition of environment, trend in life, and also combined with people’s desire. In this home design,…

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Dutch Studio House Beige Sofa Rattan Basket Marble Floor Design

Grand Dutch Studio for Family Treatment

Studio usually suitable for single person or new couple without children but you will find another concept of studio by looking at Dutch studio designed by CKX Architects located in Helmed, the Netherlands. This studio even matched to call as house because it can be staying house for big family though. Dutch Studio Elements Look at some pictures of Dutch studio design. Natural elements are played at the façade of…

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Minimalist Kitchen Design Village Residence Decoration Ideas

Fancy Neutral Home as the Safest Solution

Most of people intend to choose neutral home palette as the safest solution for permanent resident. This kind of style is used to be eternal means it never be too old or too extravaganza. There is a home in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA which brings this concept to be considered. Colors in Neutral Home Let’s take a look of some port folios of this neutral home design. The neutral…

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Modern Glass Pendant Lamp Wooden Ceiling Decor

Great Minimalist Residence with Spacious Land and Building

Located at an extensive land with wonderful views, there is a minimalist residence. The M&M House is constructed in a large size and minimalist concept which takes contemporary architecture. The greenery surrounding the house in Braganca Paulista, Brazil is complemented by a hill that offers sunrise in the morning and sunset in the afternoon. Looking at the exterior, it consists of one level with grass roof which gives more green…

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Sink Towel Hanger Design Small Bathroom Decoration Minimalist Home Design

Modest Arrow House in Australia

The arrow house located in Annandale, Australia as a kind of unique house’s structure with luxury concept for assuring proper light can come in and come out freely at this building. Arrow House Concept Here are some pictures which serve a glance look about this house. The arrow house space is build from unplestered stone wall and industrial fabric material. At the living room, people will meet the similar concept…

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Mesmerizing Blue Water Swimming=Pool Grass Block Path Sunbathing Area

Sea Ranch House in Wine Country

Sea Ranch is a private residence that located in center of wine country, Sonoma, California. The home was renovated several times. Last renovation was made by Marcus & Willers Architects in 2007. The home measures 3,300 square feet. Marcus & Willers Architects said about the renovation on their website “The primary objective of the renovation was to retain the original architectural character of the house while accommodating the needs of…

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Glass Wall Living Room Bright Room Interior

Amazing Modern Resort Home with Combination of Nature Nuance

The various kind of modern resort home can be combined any kinds nuance and situation too. Not only in the middle of big city, but can be in the middle country side those kind of house living already made. People nowadays prefer to choose natural environment for around of their home. The nuance around of home has to be prepared as well, because it influences the nuance inside of home…

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Fantastic Home River Design Open Yard And Old Trees

Intense River Home Construction Idea

Some people do think it will be a difficult task to renovate a home that ever been damaged in flood such as river home at Brisbane, Australia. But, somehow Shaun Locker Architects can do it and transform this home into new construction. By designing proper exterior combined with simple interior design, this home comes again as a kind of functional and stylish building. River Home Interior Options Take a look…

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Beautiful Farm House Remodelling In Austria Spacy Living Room Design

Lavish Countryside Residence in Old-Age Ambience

Some people use eco-friendly material as their attention to natural resources while another is prefer to build home exterior which has harmonized with its surrounding atmosphere such as this countryside residence. Designed by Looping Architecture located in Burgenland, Austria, this building is assuring that people arrange proper concept for good looking and functional design which reflect the natural aspect. Unusual Countryside Residence Choice Let’s take a look of natural attached…

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Modern American Architecture Styles Path Full Of Rocks Wooden Deck Glass Window

Modern American Architecture Styles in Unique Design

In this modern time, there have been many people design their modern home living with the best and with the most interesting look, including the American Architecture Styles. The American architecture is very interesting because it has a very unique design and it is also equipped with the very nice exterior and interior design. From the exterior design of the house, it looks very elegant and interesting because it is…

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