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White Bathtub White Floor And Red Towel

Sensational Modern Apartment Decorations

Live in Modern Apartment has become a trend for most urban communities today. Modern apartment design has been claimed ti be the best suited to accommodating the needs of a modern lifestyle. For those of you who are interested in re-designing the apartment or decorate your apartment we will give you a little inspiration from the apartment on Harrow road, England. Modern Apartment with Open Plan Concept The apartment will…

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White Square Table Modern Kitchen Appliances Alumunium Clad Material Structure

Cool Ultra-Modern Loft Design Features a Giant Monochrome Cube

Living in a small loft does not make this occupant runs out of genius idea in designing his room into an ultra-modern loft design. His imagination is executed by an architecture firm with monochrome finish using aluminum-clad material structure. The loft sets in Liege, Belgium surrounded by several buildings and homes view. The loft spot gives the occupants a large terrace to build outdoor seating along with some vegetation. White…

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Round White Bathtub Sink Mirror Design Penthouse Ideas

Stunning Modern Penthouse Design

For the upper class, of course, it is not difficult to choose the kind of house he wanted, luxury traditional house in the suburbs or apartment and even Modern Penthouse in the middle of the crowded city. Penthouse is not only ordinary apartment, because it is built with all the facilities and best quality materials. Modern Penthouse Exterior Design One of the penthouses that built magnificently is penthouse in downtown…

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Dark Grey Curtain White Bed Fur Carpet And Wooden Floor Awesome Bedroom Design Ideas

Stunning Interior of Penthouse Designs

Not everyone can dream about Penthouse Designs. Luxury apartments with number one quality is indeed very expensive, and only a handful of people with thick pockets that can live in it. But you do not need to worry, this time we will bring you before the penthouse designs so you can even take inspiration from it to design your apartment. Elegant Color Combination of Penthouse Designs Penthouse which will be…

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Master Bedroom Luxxury Resort Wall Painting Head Board Big Orange Couch Decor

Wonderful Villa Resort Design with Relaxing View

One of favorite people to spend their holiday time is in villa, where villa resort design which become good place for them. The villa itself serves and offers any kinds of facilitation with completed by beautiful view outside. Villa designed as well with consider some matters like location, material to build villa, view of villa, concept of villa, large of land, and many others. With villa which located in the…

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Mesmerizing Flexible Apartment Laminated Wooden Floor Black Glossy Piano

Rhapsodic Flexible Apartment for Big Family

Right now many people intend to choose flexible apartment as family residence rather than home, especially for urban people. Apartment seems more simple and functional as its compact space area can deliver precise function as home did. In some cases, while the family is growing up which means they will need some added space for daily activity, a place such as Discovery Bay apartment in Hong Kong is designed to…

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Stylish Lounge Chair Classic Apartment Decor

Cushioned Tower Residence as Perfect Age Combination

A tower residence is seldom being optional place to stay in for most of people. However, there is stone tower which serve as modern residence although it still keeps stone tower construction from some centuries left. This building is located in Croatia and renovated by Giorgio Zeta Architect with main purposes to blending old and new elements and somehow make it seems better. Tower Residence Design Let’s take a look…

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Exclusive Bathroom Design Naturl Wall Color Bathroom

Contemporary Penthouse Apartment with Artistic Exterior Design

In this modern time, there have been many people decide to choose the Penthouse Apartment then the ordinary house. It is caused by that kind of home living is a simple house design that is also equipped with the very nice and interesting architecture as well as interior design. Besides that, there are also many countries that have many penthouses in every city. Penthouse Apartment; Exterior Design In UK, there…

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Urban White Bedroom Interior Design Ideas

Luxurious and Spacious Urban Apartment Displaying Elegance

To build a modern home living, especially apartment in large size, it will be better to have a Spacious Urban Apartment inside. It is caused by that kind of interior design will be able to make the appearance of the home living looks a lot better and more interesting because that interior design will make the apartment looks a lot better. In one of the best apartment in Manhattan, New…

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Simple Apartment Marble Floor Stainless Steel Washbowl Stairs Table Design

Minimalist Japanese Apartment Design Unique Residence

To have a unique home living can be an inspiring idea, like to have the Japanese Apartment Design. It will be very interesting for people to have a modern and luxurious interior design. There is a very unique residence in Yokohama, Japan. There is one residence in that city that has white – colored painting. From the outside, that house looks totally white. Japanese Apartment Design; First Floor It makes…

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